Cineversity Augmented Reality & Facial Motion Capture App




MAXON Computer, Inc. (Cineversity)

Cineversity is managed by Maxon Computer, Inc. a subsidiary of Maxon Computer GmbH, the makers of CINEMA 4D. 

Cinema 4D is a 3D modeling, animation, motion graphic and rendering application. 


GameLogicDesign Ltd.

A 3D graphics company based in Wellington New Zealand. Developing custom Cinema 4D plugins and solutions for clients worldwide.


MAXON contacted GameLogicDesign Ltd with the project idea, and it was up to them, along with PSDesign, to create the full workflow and final product for the end users.

MAXON wanted to give Cinema 4D users a way to utilise the new facial tracking features of the iPhoneX. By using this new technology artists can scan their facial performances directly into their 3D projects and in turn deliver new, exciting and engaging motion graphics solutions for their clients.


The goal of the App was to make the capture and transfer of the facial animation as seamless and effortless as possible. Making the App easy to use with an intuitive workflow is key to its adoption by artists.

A secondary goal during the design was to plan for future developments to utilise the AR capabilities of the iOS devices and to ensure the ability to work these new workflows into the same App design and framework.


Apple TrueDepth Camera System


By enabling this easy to use workflow, users will now be able to bring their facial performances directly into Cinema 4D to create stunning VisualEffects, or to control other characters to bring their animations to life. Combining the simplicity of the App with power of Cinema 4D, it will bring facial motion capture to the masses, where it was previously only available to the select few.

Face animation captured and exported from CV-AR mobile app to the Cinema 4D desktop application.

Face animation captured and exported from CV-AR mobile app to the Cinema 4D desktop application.


My Role

Lead user experience and interaction designer.

As the lead designer of the CV-AR app I worked with GameLogicDesign to analyse and create a user centred solution for artists to easily create facial animation.

I created the end to end design, from research and data gathering, to wireframes and visual design.

Design goals and objectives

  • User centered
  • Flexible, modular and scalable
  • Seamless and frictionless experience
  • Intuitive
  • Modern look and feel, using best practices
  • Work well with modern solutions like AR and Facial Recognition


  • Workflow around connecting the mobile app to Cinema 4D desktop application
  • Not having enough users to test our solution with
  • Limited to iPhoneX only



In order to create the best user experience for the users, I started with market research to understand the user needs and available solutions. 

Conducting this research helped us identify the gaps and workarounds in current artists workflows.

With the help of the project team, we recognised possible solutions for the problem and identified a list of features to include in the app.


Design solutions

After research and analysis, we had weekly meetings for:

  • Brainstorming

  • Storyboarding
  • Creating user flows
  • Journey mapping 

After defining tasks based on user needs, we made a list of the most important features that we wanted to go live with, the rest fell into a growing list of backlogs for future releases.

I created a set of wireframes and interactive prototypes based on our storyboards and feature list. These were sent to stakeholders in the US to receive feedback and make sure we were on the right track. 

The main developer of the app and I, worked closely together to make sure our proposed solution is viable and possible to be built in the timeframe, using the available technology.


One of the main challenges that we were facing was connecting iPhone app to Cinema 4D desktop application. After multiple brainstorming sessions we decided to explore different options like connecting the phone via a USB cable, connecting with typing IP address or scanning a QR code... 

After testing different solutions, we realised connecting the app with QR code and transferring the videos to Cinema 4D was the most intuitive option.


Visual Design

CV-AR app is a native iOS app and is made for iPhoneX to use the Apple TrueDepth camera system. I decided to have a minimal visual design approach and to use native iOS styles for the design of the app. 

The main objective was to design an intuitive and easy to use application to be adopted by 3D artists. Simplicity and familiarity for users, were very important in my visual design decisions. 



We always listen to our users and keep improving the app based on the feedback we receive.

We have a list of future features for the app which we are working on and will implement them in our future releases.


CV-AR app is available for download from AppStore.



Thank you.

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