T1D - A Mobile App For Those Who Live With Type 1 Diabetes



Type 1 diabetes is a genetic disease. There is no cure for it yet and people who have this condition need to manage it through carb counting and insulin injections. Too much carb and blood gucose level will be too high, too much insulin and glucose will be too low. The magic number is between 4-7, anything below or above could be life threatening. 


Sometimes it's really difficult to control blood sugar levels through out the day. The more information people get the better they can control their health. This app helps people to record number of their highs and lows in a period of time and have a better understanding of their blood glucose behavior by looking at patterns.

My Role

User experience, interaction and visual designer.

I came up with the idea as I saw a need for recording number of lows and highs. The idea was very simple: just record number of highs and lows for a period of time. Add notes for each number and have weekly or monthly reports so that users can look back and with the help of data, understand their blood glucose behaviour. 

Design goals and objectives

  • User-centred
  • Flexible
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Intuitive
  • Task completion in the minimum number of tabs

This app was featured in "Design Ideas" website, in UI/UX category.

Thank you.


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